A concise description of Kiatipis Website Sites

Some Sites are in English only and some are bilingual, that is in English and Greek.



On this Site I post articles and letters written in English. It is not a mirror site of the one hosting articles and letters in Greek. So, if you are bilingual you may read both, the ones written in Greek and the others written in English.


Audiovisual programs


I post here audiovisual programs that I consider to be worth watching and listening to.

You may find various categories listed below.

Many programs appear on the same webpage in both Greek and English.

  • Animations

  • Dance

  • Flash Creations

  • Music

  • Interesting Pictures

  • Radio shows

  • Slideshows

  • Songs in English

  • Songs in Greek

  • Songs in Italian

  • Songs in Spanish - Latin

  • Songs in Turkish

  • Songs in Various Languages

  • TV programs

  • Videos and short films



On this site I post e-books in English which their writers send to me by email or which I find on the Internet and consider them to be worthy of reading or studying.


Classless Society and Direct Democracy


A Discussion Forum in English concerning the possibility of a transition from the class society and the so called bourgeois "democracy" to a classless society and direct democracy


Free Thinking


On this Site I post information from various sources (articles, pamphlets, books, images etc) based on free thinking (science, materialist philosophy etc) that will help the interested visitor to get rid of mythological and religious dogmatic notions and beliefs and freely formulate a true world outlook.

You may also find links to Websites that contain related material.




On this Site I post graphics (photos, images, graphs etc) organized in groups to help the student of the various volumes of My World Outlook (The Rational World Outlook)


Kiatipis's  Album


A few personal and family photos and not only




Links to various websites that contain material in Greek and in English related to the themes contain in my Website.



On this Site I have posted Slideshows of three different types.

The first category consists of Slideshows that students of my work "The Rational World Outlook" might find helpful. (in Greek for the time being).

The second category consists of various educational, entertaining and amusing slideshows in various languages, but with fantastic pictures and beautiful music and songs. Each webpage (list) contains links to 100 slideshows.

The third category refers to links to slideshows existing already on the Web on other Websites.


The Cyprus Problem


At this Site I try to gather all relevant information in English on the Cyprus Problem or the Cyprus Conflict -past and present - so that the visitor student could form an all around and deep understanding of it.

Besides the documents that are posted here, I would try to post Websites and Blogs that contain relevant information. You may find the Links them below.


Trafficking in Women


You may find here articles and other information on trafficking in persons to and from Cyprus and not only, that are not in the book "Trade of Girls", which I edited and published in Greek in 2004.